357 battery button cell

357 battery is a 1.55V Silver Oxide button cell battery. The 357 battery is same size as the LR44 but performs better and lasts longer. This 357/303 is not automatically interchangeable with the LR44 because of the low mAh(capacity) of the LR44 and lower voltage will cause very poor performance for devices designed for the 357. For long life and steady power output use only the 357 battery. For example it is best to use this battery in Insulin pump MiniMed 507C and not the LR44 even though it is less expensive.

Some popular devices using the 357 battery:

  • Avocet 25 Cyclometer
  • Crimson Trace LG-437
  • Sharp Scientific Calculator EL-506A EL-506L
  • HP Calculator HP32S
  • Schwinn Exercise bicycle Model DX900
  • Opti-Magician Technologies laser pointer
  • Liftmaster 371LM
  • HP 17B II Financial Calculator
  • Texas Instruments TI-30Xa Scientific Calculator
  • Micro-Tech XMT-300 Digital Pocket Scale
  • Mini Med 508 Series Insulin Pump
  • Cole Polmer 5941-00
  • Taylor Digital Thermometer 9878UPM
  • Red Eye LED fishing rod tip lights for night fishing
  • Sharp EL-733A Calculator uses 2
  • Medtronics INSULIN PUMP 508 TAYLOR 9878 Digital Themometer
  • Digital Voltmeter Model DM78
  • Oregon Scientific model NAW-882EXL electronic thermometer
  • TACStar Laser Model Universal Pistol laser
  • Texas Instrument Calculator TI30111
  • LaserMax Model LMS-UNI Rail Mount Laser
  • Trek Incite 8i sending unit
  • Micronta LCD Travel Alarm Clock
  • Don Salvatore digital hygrometer
  • Csonka digital hygrometer
  • Firstland digital hygrometer
  • Sears Accuguage Tire Pressure Digital Gage
  • Saris Cycling Group Power Tap Pro 2.4
  • Texas Instruments calculator Model BA35
  • Texas Instruments Calculator TI-35X
  • Polar Electro Heart monitor/exercise trainer
  • KoKo Peak Flowmeter
  • Radio Shack 63-854 indoor-outdoor thermometer
  • Rigid Miter Saw Model MS1250LZ Rigid Miter Saw
  • Quantum Leap Mindmania Math clip
  • Quantum Leap Mindmania Spelling clip
  • Vetta C5 Cyclometer
  • Sportline 345 Pedometer
  • HP Calculators HP-17BII HP-20S 12C 38C
  • OneTouch FastTAKE Diabetes Glucose Test Kit
  • Animas IR1000 Insulin Pumps
  • Minimed 507C 508 Insulin Pump
  • Minimed 508 Insulin Pumps
  • GigaPets
  • Key fob LED lights
  • Laser pointers
  • Swatch Watches
  • Children talking books

Battery Specifications:

  • Model: 357 battery
  • Brand: Vinnic
  • Chemical: Silver Oxide
  • Designation: ANSI/NEDA-1131SO, IEC-SR44
  • Voltage: 1.55 Volts
  • Dimensions: 11.6 mm x 5.4 mm or 0.457 x 0.213 inches
  • Avg. Weight: 2.3 grams (.08 oz.)
  • Capacity: 165 mAh

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This battery is used in the following devices:
Replacement Remote Control Fit for RAV22 WG70720 or Yamaha AV Receiver RX-V357 HTR5830 RX-V459 HTR5630 HTR5730
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