AG10  Alkaline Button Cell Battery(LR54, 189, L1131)

389A Battery

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389A Battery is a coin cell shape alkaline battery with a nominal voltage of 1.5V. The 389A Battery is a 1.5V alkaline button cell battery that is used for small electronic devices. This battery (a button cell battery) is a small form-factor battery designed for use in calculators, watches, camera, lights, clocks, organisers, and similar compact portable electronics products.

Being an alkaline battery, 389A Battery offers higher energy capacity, better high and low temperature performance, and longer-term storage. Alkaline batteries may be stored for two years at room temperature and still hold 90 percent of their original capacity (80% after four years).

389A Battery equivalent to the following batteries:

  • Energizer BLR41, 389A
  • Eveready 189
  • Gold Peak GP189, GP89, GP89A
  • IEC LR54
  • JIS G10-A, G10A
  • Mallory LR54
  • Maxell LR1130
  • NEDA 1168A
  • Rayovac 189-1
  • Vinnic L1131
  • Duracell D189, LR54
  • Maxell LR1130
  • Rayovac 189-1
  • Seiko LR1130
  • Sony 189
  • Varta V10GA
  • National LR1130
  • Panasonic LR1130
  • RayoVac 189-1
  • Sony LR1130
  • Toshiba LR1130
  • UCAR 189
  • CASIO CX189

Used in these following products:

  • Sharp electronic calculator
  • Ultrak 410 Stopwatch
  • Many Casio calculators
  • ACCUSPLIT Eagel Step meter
  • Eric Carle book( children books)

389A Battery is compatible with the following models:
AG10 Button Cell, LR54 Button Cell, GP189, L1131F, LR1131, 189, LR1130, RW89, LR54, A389, G10A Micro Cell, Vinnic L1131, G10A Button Cell, AG10, VG10GA, V10GA, BLR54, GP189 Button Cell, 389A, GP189 Calculator,


The 389A Battery is used in:

389A Battery is equivalent to the following:
Desktop Lighted Magnifier
Taylor 5842-21
Laser Pointer
Star Wars Darth Vader Collectible Gift Cards With Sound And Lights.
Laser Cross-hairs For Telescope Finder Scope RACI
Lord Of The Rings Figurines
Small Light Up Oil Lamp
Bicycle Speedometer
Led Pocket Light
Walking Pedometer
Small Dog Bark Collar
Trios If Digital Clock
Bell F-12 Bike Computer
Greeting Card
Lighted Magnigying Eyewear

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