Vinnic Alkaline battery L1560 (A625, PX625A, MR9P, LR9)

625A Button Cell Battery

Price: $1.99

Compatible with devices that require the following battery:
PX625, L1560, PX625A, 625A, MR9P, LR9, KA625, R625, Energizer E625G, V625U, MR9, MR09, EPX625, RPX625, KX615, HD1560, 1124MP, RM-625R, E625N, HG-625R, 4370, 4371, V13PX, EPX13, V625PX, HD625, PN625, RM625, 4625, 625, H1560, M01, M20, 8930 Battery

  • For use in cameras, movie cameras, meters, etc
  • Long lasting and high power

is compatible with the following models:
D625, 625, A625PX, V625, EPX625, RPX625A, PX625A, EPX625G, PX625, RM625, E625G, A625, K625A, V625G, L1560, KA625, A625PX Camera, KX625, 1124MP, RPX625,

This Battery fits in:
Car Key
Canon Canonet 28
Ricoh Siglex Tls
Nikon Camera
Butane Curling Iron
Coleman Keychain Lantern
Canon Ftb
Sears TLS Film Camera
Bullet (sex Toy)
Canonet Ql 17 Giii
Very Old Photographic Light Meter
Nikon F FTN Finder
Runs Light Meter