AG10 Alkaline Button Cell Battery

AG10  Alkaline Button Cell Battery(LR54, 189, L1131)

Price: $0.49

AG10 Battery is a primary cell battery, and it is non-rechargeable. AG10 Battery is an alkaline button battery and has one of the strongest operating voltage in all of button cell batteries. At 1.5V, it delivers the hig performance and has a higher operating voltage with extremely stable power supply. Packs a lot of power into a tiny package

AG10 Battery provides excellent power sources to your devices. High energy density, long life cell battery. Ideal for small toys, calculators, watches, games, and other electronic devices.

AG10 Battery cross reference to the following batteries:

  • LR1130
  • LR54
  • AG10
  • 1168A
  • 389A, 390A
  • D189, 189, D189A
  • G10, G10A
  • GP189, GP89A
  • KA54
  • L1131, LR1130
  • LR54
  • V10GA
  • BLR54, B-LR54
  • D189
  • D189A, D189AB
  • RW89
Battery Specification:
  • Model Number : AG10 Battery
  • Voltage: 1.5
  • Chemistry: Alkaline
  • Capacity: 80 mAh
  • Brand : Vinnic
  • Size: Button Cell
  • Height : 3.05mm (0.12")
  • Diameter : 11.6mm (0.46")
  • Weight: 0.0938 lbs.

AG10 Battery is compatible with the following models:
AG10, 189, wclr1130, BLR54, GP189 Calculator, VG10GA, LR54 Button Cell, G10A Micro Cell, G10, AG10 Button Cell, GP189 Alkaline, G10A CNB, L1131F, V10GA, L1131 Calculator, LR1130 Watch, G10A Button Cell, LR54, GP189,

This Battery fits in:
  • a Japanese toy
  • Book
  • calculater
  • Calculator
  • Carson hand held magnifying glass
  • casio calculator
  • classroom timers/stopwatches
  • desktop lighted magnifier
  • electronic toys (ele books etc)
  • Lord of the Rings figurines
  • Pocket calculator
  • Star Wars Darth Vader Collectible gift Cards with Sound and lights.
  • Stop watch
  • Talking children's books
  • travel alarm clock
  • XEROX Calculator - Model# XRX-250