AG4 Alkaline button cell battery(LR66, L626)

Alkaline Battery AG4

Price: $0.49

Vinnic Alkaline Button Cell L626 (LR66, AG4, 177)

This alkaline AG4 batteries will fit into many types of devices. Some of the most common devices for the AG4 battery are:

  • Watches
  • Clocks
  • Calculators
These batteries are also compatible with:
  • L626, LR626, 626
  • AG4, GA4, G4
  • LR66
  • 177, LR626
  • 377A
  • Also commonly used in many popular Swatch, Fossil, Timex and Casio brand watches.

AG4 Battery is compatible with the following models:
L626F, LR626, CX66W, 177, G4, G4A, AG4, LR66, 626A, L626, 377A,

This Battery fits in: