AG10  Alkaline Button Cell Battery(LR54, 189, L1131)

Alkaline L1131 Battery

Price: $0.49

L1131 Battery is a primary cell battery, and it is non-rechargeable. L1131 Battery is an alkaline button battery and has one of the strongest operating voltage in all of button cell batteries. At 1.5V, it delivers the high performance and has a higher operating voltage with extremely stable power supply. Packs a lot of power into a tiny package
L1131 Battery provides excellent power sources to your devices. High energy density, long life cell battery. Ideal for small toys, calculators, watches, games, and other electronic devices.

L1131 is compatible with the following models:
LR54 Button Cell, wclr1130 Button Cell, 189, L1131 Calculator, VG10GA, V10GA, G10A Button Cell, GP189 Alkaline, G10, LR1130 Watch, LR1131, LR1130, L1130, Vinnic L1131, AG10 Button Cell, A389, G10A Micro Cell, BLR54, G10A CNB,

This Battery fits in:
Stereo Remote
Electronic Toys (ele Books Etc)
First Alert Light Timer
Pill Box
Casio Calculator
Lights For A Bike. (tire Lights)
PentaShot Laser Pistol For Olympic Modern Pentathlon
Batteries Are For A ROYAL LCB841 Check Book Calculator 2x1.5v
Outdoor Novolity
Pressure Fryer
A Dog Collar That Uses The L1131F By VINNIC
Old Emerson Digital Stopwatch #4002
Bike Light