This is a CR123A Lithium Battery and is a replacement battery for the “PetSafe BAT-003 Battery”. This 3V Lithium battery is used in many PetSafe/Innotek dog collar devices.

This BAT-003(CR123A) Battery works in the following products:

  • SD-3000 Contain ‘N’ Train
  • SD-3100 Deluxe Contain N Train
  • SD-3125 Extra Collar Receiver
  • SD-3100/SD-3000 Training System
  • CS-2000 Professional Training System
  • CS-16000 Professional Training System
  • CS-16000TT Track & Train System
  • CS-011A Extra Collar Receiver
  • TT-100A Basic Track & Train System
  • TB-250 Beeper
  • RD-400 Tracking System
  • CS-200 System
  • CS-300 System
  • CS-800 System
  • CS-1600 System
  • In-Ground Fencing Collars
  • Innotek Dog Collar Battery: Command Series Remote Training Collars (CS 200, CS 300, CS 800, and CS 1600)
  • Old Tritronics Bark Limiter Bark Collar
  • Tritronics Sportsman
  • Tritronics Companion receivers
  • Bark Limiter Collars and Supra Lite Collars

Battery comes in packs of 2 pcs. Please purchase in mulitples of 2s.