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357/SR44/S76PX Button Cell Battery

Vinnic 357 Silver Oxide Battery

Compatible with the following:

  • S76PX
  • SR44
  • SG13
  • Energizer EPX76
  • Panasonic SP357
  • Rayovac 357
  • Renata 357
  • Sony SR44W
  • Toshiba SR44W
  • Varta V357
  • Maxell SR44W
  • GP 357
  • Bulova 228
  • Seiko SB-B9
  • Duracell D357/303
  • AWI S05

Used in the following devices:

  • asahi pentax k1000 camera

Please buy in multiples of 2’s


CR1/3N / 2L76 Lithium 3V Battery (5pcs) + Free Shipping

Buy the CR1/3N Battery bundle with Free Shipping for only $10.99!

  • The CR 1/3N 3 Volt Lithium battery is used in cameras, toys, pet containment systems, and any personal electronics that use CR-1/3N lithium batteries. This battery is used in the “DogWatch” brand Dog Collar model #AR300M, model #R6, and model #R7
  • Long shelf life–retains 90% of original service life capacity after up to 7 years in storage.

Battery Specification:

  • Model: CR1/3N / 2L76 Battery
  • Width: 0.46 in
  • Depth: 0.46 in
  • Height: 0.43 in
  • Weight: 0.1 oz
  • Size: 1/3N
  • Chemistry: Lithium
  • Voltage: 3V
  • Capacity: 160 mAh

3 Volt Lithium Non-rechargeable Battery, also known as the following:

  • Duracell DL-1/3N
  • Ray-O-Vac 867
  • 2L76
  • Energizer 2L76BP
  • IEC CR11108
  • CR1-3N
  • DL1-3N
  • Dantona Comp 15
  • Duracell DL1/3N
  • NL1/3N
  • Energizer LR1/3N
  • Eveready 2L76
  • I.E.C. 3V CR1/3N
  • CR1/3N, CR11108
  • Innotek M041101
  • Kodak K58L
  • National HM-N
  • NR-52, NEDA 5008L
  • 5008LC
  • Sony CR1/3N
  • Varta CR1/3N
  • 2LR76
  • CR1/3N
  • CR11108
  • DL1/3N
  • K58L
  • 72L76
  • KL1/3N
  • DL-1/3N
  • DR1/3N
  • DR-1/3N
  • 5008L
  • VL1/3N
  • KL-1/3N

6V Lithium Battery L544 (28L, L28PX, K28L)

6 Volt Lithium Non-rechargeable Battery, also known as the following:

  • PX28LBPK
  • PX-28LB
  • 28L
  • L28PX
  • 2CR1/3N
  • PX28L
  • K28L
  • 2CR11108
  • Lenmar 2CR1/3N
  • Innotek SD-70
  • Kodak K28L
  • Mallory 7K34
  • Sanyo 2CR1/3N
  • Sanyo 2CR11108

Fits into the following system:
  • Smart Dog Home Free Containment Systems SD-2000, HF-25W, and CKF-25W
  • Innotek SD-2100, SD-2200, SD-3100, and SD-3200
  • Innotek collar receivers: BC-50, BT-50, BT-50A, HF-25W, KB-50, CKC-25W, RF-25, SD-100A
  • Petsafe Indoor Radio Fence PIRF-300
  • Petsafe Little Dog Remote Trainer PLDT-300
  • For use in high-demand applications
  • Long lasting and high power battery
  • Compatible with 28A, A544, PX28A, 544A, 4LR44, A28, RFA-18, K28A, V34PX, 7H34, 4NZ13, V4034PX, 4034PX, PX28AB, 1414A, Lenmar 2CR1/3N, Innotek SD-70, Kodak K28L, Mallory 7K34, Sanyo 2CR1/3N, Sanyo 2CR11108

The L544 ltihium battery is commonly used in cameras. This battery is a mercury free alternative to the now banned mercuric oxide cell PX 28. Take advantage of our low price and buy two or more to save on shipping and to make sure your camera will never run out of battery. This battery cell has a shelf life of 10 years.
The L544 lithum battery has exactly the same dimension as the L1325 or the S1325 battery. You can always use this battery in place of L1325 for improved performance less frequent battery changes.

Battery comes in packs of 2 pcs. Please purchase in mulitples of 2s.


Silver Oxide Battery S1325 (RFA-16, 4SR44, 4G13, S28PX, PX28)

  • Compatible with 4LR44, 537, 2CR1/3N, 4SR44, 544, PX28, PX28L, V28PX, L544, 28SO, 4G13, 2CR1/N3, A544
  • Also known as 4SR44 PX28 4G13 V28PX S28PX
  • Compatible with RFA-16.
  • Extra long life battery.
  • Great for camera, dog training, many other applications.
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