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357/SR44/S76PX Button Cell Battery

Vinnic 357 Silver Oxide Battery

Compatible with the following:

  • S76PX
  • SR44
  • SG13
  • Energizer EPX76
  • Panasonic SP357
  • Rayovac 357
  • Renata 357
  • Sony SR44W
  • Toshiba SR44W
  • Varta V357
  • Maxell SR44W
  • GP 357
  • Bulova 228
  • Seiko SB-B9
  • Duracell D357/303
  • AWI S05

Used in the following devices:

  • asahi pentax k1000 camera

Please buy in multiples of 2’s


CR 2025 Lithium Battery

Vinnic Lithium battery, Model # CR2025

This CR-2025 lithium battery, often called a button battery, is a 3 volt battery that looks like a coin. Environmental friendly, ideal for cameras, calculators, watches, toys and other electronic devices Works in both low & high temperature operations. With this high power lithium technology, it offers reliable maximum power and a lifetime value for small devices.

CR2025 lithium batteries have shelf life of up to 8 years with ability to operate under extreme temperatures with quick flash recovery. Coin-shaped cells are thin compared to their diameter. The metal can is the positive terminal, and the cap is the negative terminal. CR stands for manganese dioxide lithium chemistry. Since LiMnO2 cells produce 3 volts, there are no widely available alternate chemistries for a CR coin battery.

Use this coin battery to power cameras like JVC camcorders, Relief Bands to stop motion sickness nausea and more. Lithium ion batteries are known for long life and reliability. This CR2025 battery is used in pairs for the Reliefband. The IEC “CR” prefix indicates a round, lithium/manganese dioxide cell.

This battery fits into the following device:

  • Flash’n’Glo FUSION dog collar

Compatible to the following battery:

  • Renata CR2025
  • Rayovac CR2025
  • Duracell DL2025
  • Citizen 280-205
  • Seiko SB-T14
  • Energizer CR2025
  • AWI L12

CR 1632 Lithium Battery

Lithium battery, Model # CR1632

This battery is also known as:
CR1632, BR1632, DL1632, ECR1632, L1632, E-CR1632, KCR1632, 1632

This CR1632 Battery provides an excellent combination of high energy and continuous voltage supply.
These batteries provide long shelf life for back up energy purposes together with ideal temperature resistance and superior storage capacity.

Compatible to the following battery:

  • Renata CR1632
  • Energizer CR1632
  • AWI L50
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