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CR 2032 Lithium 3V Battery(10 pcs bundle)

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The 2032 Battery is a primary cell lithium battery rated at 3.0 volts, where C represents the electrochemical system used and R represents round form. The 2032 Battery uses a combination of lithium and manganese dioxide to power a chemical reaction that converts chemical energy into the electrical energy that powers portable devices like watches and remote controls.

This is a very common lithium button type battery, or sometimes called a lithium coin battery. The 2032 Battery is used in the following devices:
Electronic Watch or Clock, Electronic Calculator, CMOS battery, Remote controls, Wireless doorbells, Memory Back-up Power Source for SRAM or Real Time Clock (RTC), and etc.

This is a primary battery and cannot be charged. If used in memory or RTC back-up applications, be sure to use diodes to prevent charging from the main power source or other batteries, and protective resistance to regulate the current.

In the 2032 Battery, the positive electrode is composed of manganese dioxide while the negative electrode is made of lithium. The lithium anode is placed on top of the manganese dioxide cathode, and a paper separator is placed between them. During the redox reaction, the lithium side oxidizes, and the manganese dioxide side reduces. As this occurs, electricity flows through the battery and out to the devices for power. This reaction will generate lithium that builds up on the top of the negative end while more manganese dioxide accumulates into the solution. When the chemical reaction is finished, the electrical current stops flowing and the battery will stop outputting any power to the device.

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