AG10  Alkaline Button Cell Battery(LR54, 189, L1131)

GP189 1.5V Alkaline Button Cell

Price: $0.55

GP189 Battery is a coin cell shape alkaline battery with a nominal voltage of 1.5V. GP189 Battery is a popular high drain, alkaline cell battery commonly used in cameras, calculators, toys, and watches. This 1.5V alkaline button battery keeps many different watches, calculators and more running. It provides maximum power and continuous energy to your device for applications like toys, calculator, scales or other non-precision electronic device.

GP189 Battery Specification:

  • Model Number : GP189 Battery
  • Voltage: 1.5
  • Chemistry: Alkaline
  • Capacity: 80 mAh
  • Brand : Vinnic
  • Size: Button Cell
  • Height : 3.05mm (0.12")
  • Diameter : 11.6mm (0.46")
  • Weight: 0.0938 lbs.
GP189 Battery equivalent to the following battery:
  • Energizer BLR41, 389A
  • Eveready 189
  • Gold Peak GP189, GP89, GP89A
  • IEC LR54
  • JIS G10-A, G10A
  • Mallory LR54
  • Maxell LR1130
  • NEDA 1168A
  • Rayovac 189-1
  • Vinnic L1131
  • Duracell D189, LR54
  • Maxell LR1130
  • Rayovac 189-1
  • Seiko LR1130
  • Sony 189
  • Varta V10GA
  • National LR1130
  • Panasonic LR1130
  • RayoVac 189-1
  • Sony LR1130
  • Toshiba LR1130
  • UCAR 189
  • CASIO CX189

GP189 Battery is compatible with the following models:
wclr1130, LR1130, VG10GA, 189, L1131, G10A Micro Cell, 389A, AG10 Button Cell, G10, LR1130 Watch, L1131F, LR54 Button Cell, BLR54, GP189 Alkaline, G10A CNB, LR1130 Button Cell, L1131 Button Cell, GP189, AG10, GP189 Button Cell,

This Battery fits in:
Talking Children's Books
Tire Lights On Bike
Machining Calculator
Electronic Toys (ele Books Etc)
Electronic Tally Counter
Motorcycle Valve Stem Lights
Kitchen Timer
Taylor Minute Timer
Citizen CT-512 And CT-500
Royal Xe48 Calculator
NB Pedometer
Topfin Digital Thermometer
Euro Calculator