Vinnic Alkaline L1028 Battery(A23)

L1028 Alkaline – 12V Alkaline Battery

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L1028 Alkaline is an alkaline, high voltage(12V), non-rechargeable battery. L1028 Alkaline is cylindrical, smaller than an AAA battery, measuring only 28.9 mm long and 10.3 mm in diameter, with a typical weight of 8 grams; however, this battery must not be confused with a similar single-cell N battery. The L1028 Alkaline is widely used for dog collars, cigarette lighters, car security alarm, keyless car remotes, burglar alarm and many more electronic devices. Provides durable and powerful energy. L1028 Alkaline is superior quality and provides dependable power and delivers long-term performance.

L1028 Alkaline is used in the following products:

  • IUT-300-Ultra Smart-One dog
  • IUT-302-Ultra Smart-Two Dog BT-502A
  • Innotek Two Dog Basic Trainer
L1028 Alkaline cross reference to the following battery:
  • Duracell: MN21
  • VARTA: V23GA
  • NEDA: 1811A
  • IEC: 3LR50
  • Panasonic: LR-V08
  • ELPA: SES-23A
  • MS21, VR22, EL12
  • GP23A
  • 8LR23
  • ANSI-1181A
  • 8F10R
  • 8LR23
  • 8LR932
  • 23A
  • 23GA
  • 1181A
  • A23BP
  • K23A
  • L1028
  • LR23
  • LR23A
  • LRV08
  • LRV08PA
  • LRVO8
  • RVO8
  • V23GA
  • VA32GA
Battery Specifications:
  • Model: L1028 Alkaline
  • Voltage: 12 Volt
  • Chemistry: Alkaline
  • Capacity: 40mAH
  • Length: 1.122"
  • Diameter: 0.406"
  • UPC: 762964180388

L1028 Alkaline is compatible with the following models:
V23GA Alkaline, BAT-012, L1028 Alkaline, MN21 Alkaline, VR22, LRV08 Alkaline, EL12 Alkaline, LR23A, E23A Alkaline, ANSI 1181A, BAT012, BAT012 Innotek, MS21, MN21, L1028, 23GA, A23BP, 8LR32, N21 Alkaline,

This Battery fits in:
Gate Remotes
Cable Toner
SunnyBell Doorbell Remote Sender
Doorbell Button
Pet Collar
Security Alarm Remote Transmitters
Wireless Doorbell
Innotek Two Dog Basic Trainer
Speed & Light
Garage Door Opener Remote
Remote Control For Ceiling Fan On/off
Remote Switch
Ceiling Fan Remote
Hunter Ceiling Fan Remote Control
IFR 2000 Hand Remote Dog Trainer