AG3 Alkaline button cell battery(LR41, 192, L736)

L736F Alkaline Button Cell Battery

Price: $0.49

The L736F Battery is a alkaline and non-rechargable battery. L736F Battery is ideal for laser pointers, watches, calculators , cameras, alarm transmitters, blood pressure equipment, sugar level detectors and etc. This alkaline button cell batteries are known for its reliability and high performance. L736F Battery is a coin cell shape alkaline battery with a nominal voltage of 1.5V.

The Nite Writer(light pen), Mini Personal Sound Amplifier , and The Driver Alert Ear Piece are one of the many electronic devices that uses the L736F Battery.

L736F Battery Equivalent Battery Types:

  • 392A, 192
  • G3, RW87
  • V3GA, GP92A
  • L736, AG3
  • 92A, LR736
  • G3A, V36A
  • LR41, GP192

L736F Battery is compatible with the following models:
V36A, 392A, LR41 Watch, L736, L736F, IEC LR41, LR736, G3, L736H, G3A, AG3, 192, LR41 Button Cell, LR41, GP192,

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