Lixing Lithium Battery CR2032

Lixing Lithium Battery CR2032 is a 3 volt Lithium Battery that provide an excellent combination of high energy and continuous voltage supply. The Lixing Lithium Battery CR2032 is a non-rechargeable lithium battery and provides a long useful working life. These batteries provide long shelf life for back up energy purposes together with ideal temperature resistance and superior storage capacity. The Lixing Lithium Battery CR2032 lithium coin cell are guaranteed to provide optimal performance throughout the life of the battery. The Lixing Lithium Battery CR2032 is a 3V lithium battery that provides high energy, continuous voltage supply, and this coin battery has a long shelf life for storage capacity and is perfect for providing back-up power. They are ideal for cameras, wristwatches, electronic agendas and games, and calculators.

Lixing Lithium Battery CR2032 is used in:

  • PetSafe Containment Systems of UL-250 and PUL-250
  • Standard Fence receivers, UL-275 and PUL 275
  • Deluxe Radio Fence receivers
  • IF-200
  • GIF-200
  • PIF-200
  • Instant Fence receivers
  • Compatible with Battery Model # RFA-35-11

Lixing Lithium Battery CR2032 is compatible with the following models:
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This battery is used in the following devices:
Linear Megacode Single Button Remote Control
Eastchina® Multi Color Operated Flameless Candles Lights
Linear DNT00090 Mega Code MCT-11 Single Button Visor Garage Door Remote
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