AG10  Alkaline Button Cell Battery(LR54, 189, L1131)

LR54 Battery

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LR54 Battery is a button shape alkaline battery with a nominal voltage of 1.5V. The LR54 Battery is a 1.5V alkaline button cell battery that is used for small electronic devices. It is a popular Alkaline button cell battery commonly used in cameras, calculators, toys, and watches. If your application is a toy, calculator, scales or other non-precision electronic device, order the Vinnic L1131. LR54 Button Battery is a suitable substiute for the MR54. The MR54 is a Mercuric-Oxide cell of the same dimensions. The MR54 cells are no longer manufactured because of their toxicity. If you to replace a MR54 for your device, you may consider using this Alkaline button cell battery instead.

LR54 Battery is compatible with the following models:
L1131, AG10 Button Cell, LR54 Button Cell, GP189 Calculator, G10A Micro Cell, GP189, G10A CNB, wclr1130 Button Cell, V10GA, LR1130, VG10GA, LR1131, L1130, 189, LR1130 Button Cell, AG10, L1131 Calculator, BLR54, A389, G10A Button Cell,


The LR54 Battery is used in:

LR54 Battery is equivalent to the following:
Child Story Books
Lighted Magnifying Glass
LED Magnicard Light/magnifying Glass
Electronic Calipers
Citizen Calculator 970202
Greeting Card
Bicycle Wheel LED Lights
Stop Barking Collar
Magnafiy Glass LR1130
Radio Collar
Small Dog Bark Collar
Motorcycle Valve Stem Lights
Bell F-12 Bike Computer
Eric Carle Books
TFAL Smart Timer Pressure Cooker

Alkaline Battery BLR54
GP189 1.5V Alkaline Button Cell
G10A Micro Cell Battery
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L1130 Alkaline Button Cell Battery