LR50 / PX1A / 1A / 1100A Alkaline battery

PC1A Clock Alkaline Battery

Price: $2.99

The LR50 or PX1A is a mercury-free replacement for the MR50 (or PX1) cell that was commonly used in cameras and carriage clocks. Mercury cells are now banned because of toxicity and environmental fears. The LR50 or PC1A cells produce 1.5 Volts, which is higher than the 1.35V produced by the original mercury cell. Most devices accommodate the small increase in voltage and function properly.

Cross Reference Guide:

  • PC1A
  • LR50
  • V1ALK
  • SR8508
  • SR850

Replacement For the following:
  • Eveready E1N
  • Mallory RM-1N
  • PX1
  • MR50
  • RPX1
  • EPX1
  • RM1
  • RMIN
  • VPX1
  • V1ALK
  • BMR50
  • Leclanche MR85
  • MR8504
  • EN1A
  • PC1A
  • Mallory MR50
  • NEDA 1100M
  • 1109M
  • 1110MP Panasonic H-P
  • Rayovac RPX1

Recommended Applications: Grandfather Clock, Wall Clock
Diameter (mm): 15.4
Height (mm): 16.5
Volts (V): 1.5
Capacity (mAh): 600

PC1A Battery is compatible with the following models:
EN1A, LR50, PC1A, A1PX, 1100A, V1PX, 1A,

This Battery fits in:
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Brookes & Gatehouse Chronometer
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Cartier Desk Clock
Cartier Desk Clock From 1980s
Aimpoint Mark III Red Dot Scope
Cannon Dial 35 Camera
Swiss Carriage Clock
Marine Chronometer
Clock For Desk
Karl Fischer Moisture Probe
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