PX28 Silver Oxide Camera Battery

  • Compatible with 4LR44, 537, 2CR1/3N, 4SR44, 544, PX28, PX28L, V28PX, L544, 28SO, 4G13, 2CR1/N3, A544
  • Also known as 4SR44 PX28 4G13 V28PX S28PX
  • Compatible with RFA-16.
  • Extra long life battery.
  • Great for camera, dog training, many other applications.

PX28 Battery is compatible with the following models:
RPX28, RFA16, 544, RFA-16-11, PX28-S, S544, V28PX, S1325, 1406SOP, PX28, RFA-16, RFA1611, 4G13, S28PX, 4SR44, 4G13S, 4SG13, S28,

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