357/SR44/S76PX Button Cell Battery

Silver Oxide S76 Battery

  • Model #: 357
  • Voltage: 1.5V
  • Type: silver oxide
  • ID: 10103-5680

Price: $0.99

S76 Battery is a 1.55V Silver Oxide Button Cell Battery and has a capacity of 150 mAh. S76 Battery is for use in wristwatch, calculator, electronic books, toys, watches, or other small electronics. This is a replacement batteries for many watches and small electronics devices. This battery is similiar and compatible to the Energizer High Drain battery.

S76 Battery equivalent to the following battery:

  • Bulova: 228
  • Duracell: D303, D357, D357H, MS76
  • Energizer: 303, 313, 357, S76E
  • Eveready: 303, 313, 357, S76E
  • IEC: SR44
  • Maxell: SR44SW, SR44W, SR44 (G13)
  • National: SR44SW, SR44W, SR44 (G13)
  • Panasonic: SR44SW, SR44W, SR44 (G13)
  • Philips: 357
  • RayoVac: 303-1, 357
  • Renata: 357, LR44
  • Seiko: SB-BK, SB-EK
  • Sony: SR44SW, SR44W, SR44 (G13)
  • Timex: J
  • Toshiba: SR44SW, SR44W, SR44 (G13)
  • UCAR: 303, 313, 357, S76E
  • Varta: V303, V357, V76HS
  • Vinnic: S1154

S76 Battery is compatible with the following models:
SR44W, lr44 sr44 batteries, Silver Oxide FM28F, 357 silver oxide, SR44H, sr44 silver oxide battery, 228, D357, 357 silver, s76e battery, sg13 battery, V357, varta v357, rayovac 357, d357h battery, G-13, 303 battery, SR76, renata 357 battery, 541,

This Battery fits in:
Lapel Microphone
Exercise Bike
Minolta Flash Meter
HP 12C Financial Calculator
Hand Held Scanners
Greenlee Voltage Detector
Hp 12c Calculator
Mamya Sekor DTL1000 Camera
Laser Light
Dog Collar
Radio Shack Indoor/outdoor Thermometer
Toys And Small Flashlight
Minolta XD-11 35mm Camera